Gift from red earth Highlands

Dak Lak is one of the provinces ownership of fertile land along basaltic natural conditions ideal. Highlands annual Buon Me Thuot with all sorts of fruit trees, with typical products such as Macadamia nuts, cashews, cocoa, coffee, pepper, avocado, durian .... Each product carries still taste delicious, attractive characteristic that rare acquiring lands.
With the desire to bring consumers the Dak Lak specialty products of high quality and natural gift of hardworking hands. provide products characterized by red soil region where, with the application of science, technology helps ensure retain the nutritional value essence.
Tỏi kim cương Đông Á

Specialty ĐăkLăk

Dak Lak is located in the central highlands, the watershed of the river Serepok system and part of the river Three. Blessed for land resources ĐăkLăk nutritious. The whole province has an area of 13 085 km2 naturally, which mainly gray soils, basalt soil.
Đặc sản Đaklak
  • Ban Me coffee
    Main basalt soil and altitude suit has created its own characteristics Buon Me Thuot coffee. This is a land famous for its typical Robusta coffee, delicious.
  • Macadamia nuts 
    Macadamia was planted in ĐăkLăk from the early 1990s with suitable natural conditions, ĐăkLăk Macadamia nuts were evaluated nutritious, delicious.
  • Pure cocoa powder
    Daklak Cocoa - Cocoa Vietnam is considered one of the finest cocoa products in the world. With characteristic taste of the Highlands region.
  • Coffee flower honey
    Coffee flower honey is light yellow, sweet not bitter as other kinds of honey, especially from being discolored or closed sugar.
  • Cashew 
    The area under cashew in Dak Lak is now more than 35,000 hectares of which most in the districts of Ea Sup, Eakar, Krong Ana.
đặc sản buôn mê thuột

The combination of farmers and local businesses


To elevate the value and quality of Vietnamese agricultural products. Each product in not only the image represents the save of farmers, but also to preserve and cherish the value of the product by the application of technology, science technical choice of inputs, processing, and storage products of local businesses. - A bridge carrying the agricultural products of high quality to consumers with the guarantee of quality by connecting with local businesses reputation..


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